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  • ESAFF Seeks Tangible Progress in Fast Tracking Of…

    Individual nations in the East African Community(EAC) have got every reason to start fast tracking the implementation of the Malabo Declaration for wide spread  economic... + Read More

  • Spotlight on Smallholder Farmers in East Africa Legislative…

    Domesticating African continental framework for agriculture – Malabo Declaration- at regional and national levels, is paramount for agriculture renaissance to kick off. It is in... + Read More

  • Malabo Declaration: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda Doing Badly, Rwanda…

    All EAC member states should ensure their annual budget for agriculture is about or over 10% benchmark of the national budget as outlined in the... + Read More

  • Treat Local Agri-Investors Fairly; lower Interest Rates– EALA…

    East Africa member States government should give priority to local investors if agriculture is to thrive in the region. At the same time, ensuring an... + Read More

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    Malabo CAADP Updates

  • Small scale farmers demonstration in Kenya against genetically modified crops

    Campaigning, Advocacy and Lobbying

  • Small scale farmers makes 60-70% of the population in Eastern and Southern Africa

    Agroecology And Wealth Creation