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Mission Statement:To create and nurture a dynamic alliance of Small holder Farmer Organizations, or SFOs, that promotes organic farming, processing and marketing, in partnership with PELUM Zimbabwe Service Provider Organizations or SPOs, to uplift the welfare of smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe through participatory ecological land use planning and management.

  Description of activities

- Organic agriculture
-Natural Resources Management
-Establishment of herbal gardens
-Lobbying and Advocacy of policies in support of ecological land use practices
-Product value addition
-Gender mainstreaming
- Seed bulking of open pollinated varieties (opvs)

About Us
Norman Chibemene, General Secretary ZIMSOFF -Zimbabwe

Geographic focus/coverage:8 Provinces of Zimbabwe sub divided into four clusters


List of members (district/regional forums
Four clusters, these are Central, Northern, western and Eastern Clusters,  each cluster with an average of 10 small holder farmer organizations (sfos), each sfo with an average of 12 groups or clubs, each group having an average membership of 20 farmers.


Number of members of ZIMSOF   +/- 10 400


ZIMSOFF Chairperson   Elizabeth Mpofu -

197A Smuts Road

Prospect, Waterfalls

Harare, Zimbabwe

Email: eliz.mpofu@gmail.com

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